Fall is the perfect time to get married, and it's coming up quickly!

There are so many wedding trends for Fall 2021 that you have to know about. Take a look at these trends and see what catches your eye. 

1. Adding a new twist to the traditional bouquet toss

When the tradition started hundreds of years ago, it was thought that having a piece of bride’s attire would bring good luck.  As time passed and people became more laid back with their wedding events, bouquets have become just another way for guests to get in on some lighthearted fun at receptions—often times very amusing! To make your event stand out from others be sure you provide these breakaway bundles which are meant to pop apart when thrown so more girls get a chance to catch parts of the bouquet.

2. Outdoor weddings as an alternative to indoor ones

When it comes to outdoor weddings, there is no stopping the trend. Especially this year when it has been a warmer fall than usual here in the Northwest Indiana and Chicago areas. From garden fetes and tented celebrations in fall weather with plenty of twinkling lights or cozy lounge furnishings - you can bet that this will be an event couples remember for years! You can include things like coffee and blankets to help people stay warm.

3. Different suits that match the season as well.

For those who want to be a little more daring this season, there is no better option than color blocking. Think perfectly tailored suits in jewel box shades like rust, scarlet, aubergine, and teal that will make you shine bright with all the perfect fall touches! If black isn’t really your thing but you still need some formality on top of flair then velvet jackets come highly recommended as an alternative--they're equally stylish and versatile from now until next year.

4. New ways to incorporate nature into your ceremony and reception area

When planning a wedding, some couples prefer an indoor location with earthy vibes while others want nothing more than the outdoors. However, sometimes the weather gets in everyone's way and ruins these plans before they even start! This is where having your ceremony outside come Oct.-Nov comes into play; it offers a beautiful scenery that will make up for any bad luck you may have had on day-of coordination. Even ceiling decore with hanging branches decorated by blooms are trellises covered in greenery shrubs & flowers like peonies, delphiniums, tulips, daffodils, and narcissuses. Even incorporating different pine and floral scents can bring the feeling of the outdoors to your indoor celebrations. Beautiful outdoor space can create an elegant feel with the use of flowers as decorating elements like trellises or vineyards overhead; lush green shrubs framing either side where people could take photos before walking down onto soft grass for their first dance under blooming trees loaded up on scent by way of a cool florists who can work wonders!

5. Stringing lights around trees for an outdoor party or tent decorating ideas that will make any space feel magical .

This is a great way to spruce up your reception area! You can string twinkle lights along branches, lay out lanterns on the ground and fill them with colorful paper shreds to create different lighting effects around the room with different colors and shades. Do you want to make your guests feel like they are at the most memorable wedding in town? Why not do it with string lights! These simple but elegant decorations can be used for any event, whether you're having an outdoor ceremony or reception. They provide plenty of light that won't fade away during dinner time while also adding some color into someone's night sky.  These can also help bring your event to life and add that special ambiance! Some even use them in place for more than just decoration—to highlight their amazing venue or other beautiful aspects about it like colored glass windows with twinkle lights inside which look really pretty during nighttime hours. Edison bulbs are a great way to light up your reception and they don't require much energy. All of these combined with fabric and dimmers can also create a much more dramatic ambiance, which will set the mood for your romantic reception!

6. Fun food options like apple cider doughnuts and pumpkin spice lattes instead of typical cake and punch at receptions

A fall wedding is all about warm color palettes, rich flavors and cozy vibes. You can embrace the season by serving food that reflects these qualities too! When it comes to autumnal menus for your big day we have suggestions like apple pie or pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream; hot cocoa topped off in beautifully carved pumpkins served alongside glowing embers on an open fire while tunes play from stringed instruments such as violins. When it comes to fall wedding food Ideas, ingredients like cinnamon or apples come immediately into mind but don't get stuck in the traditional styles of serving them because there are literally endless options available - try something new by mixing up your menu. like a rustic French toast topped off with whipped cream cheese frosting; Oven-roasted turkey legs served alongside stuffing and hot applewood glazed carrots; Candied pecans mixed with brown sugar pumpkin pie custard.

7. Dried Flower Decorations

Dried flowers are making a big splash in wedding florals past year, and we’ll see them again among the fall 2021 trends. Preserved baby's breath is back with a vengeance as well! But don't expect arrangements to be subtle - they're pushing out extravagant show-stopping designs that incorporate both fresh or dried floral elements. you can also use fall leaves as wedding decorations or to line the aisle instead of rose petals.

8. Include pumpkins in your décor 

It's not too late to get creative with your fall décor - use pumpkins! You can line the aisle by tying them together in a long row. Or, if you're looking for something more elaborate, paint all of ours in wedding colors like golds or browns. There are so many ways to use pumpkins as centerpieces for your fall wedding. You can make nameplates or numbering tables and even use them as party favors!

9. Using miniature pies for desert

Instead of using cupcakes or sheet cake to feed your guests. You can use miniature pies. 2020 introduced the individual cake for obvious reasons. Miniature pies can just take their place, and they're perfect for fall! Mini versions of traditional desserts like mini apple pie or pumpkin pie can be served individually. Plus these little treats make great decor for your fall-themed wedding.

10. Have a hayride from the ceremony site to the reception hall 

This could be great not just for adults to feel like children again, but also a blast for the actual children at your reception. It can be very memorable and keep the illusion fantasy alive for your guests between ceremony and reception.

11. Gold is the color of the season, so it's no surprise that gold will be a popular wedding trend in 2021.

Gold is the perfect color for fall weddings. It's not too bold or flashy, but it still stands out against other colors in an elegant way that matches up well with many different styles of dress! If you're looking to add some extra glimmer-glint into your special day go ahead and grab those pumpkins already--gold paint would be great on them because of its warm tones (and hey who knows what else could come from such creativity).

12. The "chic and rustic" theme has been making waves as well

This pairs so well with many of the other decor options listed above. A barnyard with a splash of class can go a long way in making your wedding have a warm welcome feeling without making it feel like you're about to see a pig walk into the middle of the dance floor and do the "Cha Cha Slide".

13. And finally, don't forget to plan ahead for your 2021 winter wedding or 2022 weddings.

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