Wait! Hold off on clicking that share button on your wedding photos! Read this first!

There is no time like the present to make sure you are ready for your big day!  You have spent hours planning the perfect wedding, and now you're ready to post your photos on Facebook, Instagram, etc. But before you do that, there are a few things you should do first! If you're posting pictures online, there are some things that should be considered before hitting publish. Make sure these 9 tips are taken care of first!

1. Tag your photographer in your image(s).

Many of us have a difficult time with marketing because it can become so confusing and overwhelming. Plus, many of us are introverts (even if we don't come off that way). It goes miles to get tagged or mentioned in things. Those are able to leave a huge impact on marketing. Many of our clients are either returning clients or referrals from other clients. So, please take that quick moment to show the world who you got to capture your big day and had a good time with you.

2. Share them with your family and friends first - don't post online right away.

It's always good practice to share new things with your family and friends first, don't you think? It can be tempting to post online immediately after finding out but waiting will give the information more thought. The same thing should apply to photos. Perhaps you will kill 3 birds with 1 stone and even eliminate tips number 5 and 6 while doing this. However, you just don't want to surprise your family with photos that they weren't aware of are going to be posted that they could have forgotten about since wedding photos often take a while for a photographer to edit.

3. Make sure you have the copyright to the images before posting them on social media sites.

Make sure you have the right to post photos online. Due in part to expanding technology, it has become rather easy for clients—especially those who use screenshotting as well--to print and share their images without permission from or compensation to the photographer. So please make absolutely clear this is what will happen with any pictures taken during our shoot together - both now by signing a release agreement before we start shooting (though note there are some exceptions) AND afterward if someone wants/needs copies printed at home using their own equipment due solely because they accessed them on Instagram. So in response, many photographers release the rights of their photos to the client to print and share. However, some photographers do not add that to their packages unless it is paid for and this could lead to some lawsuits if discovered. So, make sure that you have the copyrights to the photos before using them as you wish.

4. Don't include any private information.

Social media is a place where we all share our lives with the world. Remove any identifying information from the photo, such as license plate numbers or street signs. in your posts, such as guests' names or what gifts they gave you- even if it's for their own blog! Don't forget to keep your posts safe and fun! This is the best way for everyone else who visits too - make sure everything remains on-brand with a bright smiley face (or something similar) at all times so we know it's worth sharing.

5. Get permission from anyone who is recognizable in the photo.

If you're looking to post someone else's photo online, make sure they are okay with the idea first. If there are children in this picture and their faces should not be recognizable by strangers or viewers of your page! Children deserve privacy, so if you're looking for a way to share something on your page and it has children in the photo or video don't post without permission. If permission cannot be obtained from all identifiable people within the scene then don't post the photos that show them. Say if you do by accident and they ask you to take it down. Be respectful and take it down for them.

6. Everyone has an embarrassing moment in their lives

One of the greatest regrets in life is an embarrassing mistake you did or said that was witnessed by others and now they're going to be looking at this photo all day long! If any one person on your list made a blunder while taking pictures with their phone/camera let them know- They'll regret it even more if no action is taken against posting online. If anyone in the photo has made an embarrassing mistake, they should be allowed to request that the photo not be posted online or taken down.

7. Don’t include photos that are not appropriate for the internet.

Not very many photos taken at a wedding would be under this category. There are very few brides who wish for something like a boudoir shoot on their wedding day. However, oftentimes these photos aren’t social media friendly. So if you’re going post them. Post them knowing that there is a risk of getting in trouble with the social media company you are posting them on.

8. Check all social media privacy settings

Make sure you double-check your privacy settings on social media as well. That way only people you want to see are able to see what's posted. Especially if there are certain members of the family that you didn't invite to your wedding (we all have at least one). You probably don't want them blowing up your social media complaining about them. This also goes for tips 7 and 6. I am sure there are photos that you want your friends to see, but not family or work friends to see.

9. Have a list of people who should be tagged in the post - don't forget about grandparents!

It can get very daunting to try and tag everyone. Even with Facebook's ability to recognize faces from different profiles. However, it may be easier to write them down as a separate note to keep track of who you have tagged and who you have not. These lists can become very long when it comes to weddings since there are so many people that are coming that you probably haven't spoken to in years. that way you can check them off as you go and don't lose track.

BONUS! 10. Ensure that the photos are of high quality and edited.

Be careful about using filters when editing your photos - it's easy for people to tell when a filter has been used if they know what to look for. Let your photos tell the story. High-quality and well-edited pictures can make all the difference in how people perceive you, so take time to ensure that every shot is perfect! Filters may be tempting for adding a little something extra but remember: they're easy enough to spot when someone knows what they look like - your photographer should have done some basic edits for you, but keep in mind they may charge more for retouching photos (photoshopping photos for blemishes and etc)!

Congratulations on your wedding! Now that you have a lifetime of memories captured in photos, it’s time to share them with the world. You've spent all this time and money to capture the most special moments of your wedding, don't let them go unnoticed. I've put together a list of 9 things you should do before posting your photos online; please make sure that these are done before uploading any images to social media or other public platforms. Remember to get permission from anyone who is recognizable in the photo, as well as make sure not to post anything private or inappropriate for internet viewing. 

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