Building Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Here are a few things you should put in your wedding day emergency kit to be prepared for almost anything. I've seen every single one of these put to use during weddings.

  • 1. Travel sewing kit. You can find these on Amazon (can you tell that I love Amazon?) - it's never a bad idea to have a needle and thread on hand, and I swear that we end up needing scissors for 90% of the weddings.
  • 2. Crochet hook. If you have a lot of small buttons on your dress, a crochet hook will make it a bajillion times easier to get your dress buttoned up.
  • 3. A set of hand towels. Bouquets are usually delivered in water to keep them fresh, but a wet bouquet can equal a wet dress, so have a few hand towels ready to dry them off. Towels are also handy if it's been wet outside. They can be used to dry benches, etc. or to put under your dress for any sitting photos.
  • 4. Oil Absorbing Sheets. Available via - you guessed it, Amazon. These things are like Photoshop for real life. They're a life saver for keeping your face looking fresh and clear for photos.
  • 5. Extra underwear. Buy a pair of nude underwear in case a bridesmaid forgets.
  • 6. Snacks. Have a little bag of snacks for the wedding party to grab along the way to stave off hangriness. Some venues provide snacks for the wedding party. So look into that as an option too.
  • 7. A straw. Most brides like to keep their lips looking fresh by drinking through a straw. Make it extra fun (and add a photo opp) by getting a personalized Krazy Straw twisted to spell your name or "Mrs."
  • 8. Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover. Because stains happen.
  • *BONUS*Bribes for your littlest helpers. Young children aren't always known to be especially cooperative. If you have children in your wedding party or in any family photos, check with their parents to see if it's okay to offer a little bribe for cooperation. I've seen a two-year-old prance happily down the aisle happily for a marshmallow, and I've seen young kids happily smile at the promise of a sucker. I'm never above a little bribery to make things run smoothly, as long as the parents are okay with it.

I should note that you should let go of any expectations when it come to young kids. They may not give you the perfect "Pinteresty" smile for your wedding photos, and that's okay. We're not always going for perfection here - we're capturing who each person is at this moment in time.

So... this is a list of items I've seen in use most often.