I got to work with an amazing man. Working to be a nurse. Hailing from Africa. Has a great heart and a good head on his shoulders. Multon was fun to work with. He came to my studio in DeMotte, IN from the Chicago, IL area. His birthday is coming up here really soon and wanted some updated photos as he has taken the time to get himself into better shape.

We got to work in 4 looks during this session. A dressed up look, a casual look, an African look, and an athletic look to show off his new physique. As a person with an athletic background. I am always happy to hear about someone taking better care of themselves.

As we got to the athletic look, I took what I learned over the years from the bodybuilding community and helped him work on different looks and poses to show more of what he has developed. He quickly learned how difficult it can be to hold these poses and show off certain muscles.

I look forward to seeing how he grows as a person over time, but also seeing how he progresses physically to achieve his goals. Perhaps we will get some new photos in the near future of more progress he makes.