Engagement photos are a fun, happy time for the couple.

You Get to to dress up and have silly moments together. They are also a great time to have fun with your partner and enjoy each other's company. This is also a time for you to get to know your photographer before your wedding day. But if you're not sure what to do during engagement photo shoots, here are some ideas! It's also an opportunity to get creative with poses that'll make you laugh when you look back on them years from now. However, there are quite a few guidelines that couples should follow during these photos to get the best quality shots possible. 

Get close and hold hands or put an arm around each other for a more romantic pose. Gaze into each other's eyes lovingly, then laugh together! Be yourselves - don't try to be perfect; that doesn’t exist in this world anyway. So, just embrace all aspects of who you are as long as they bring out the best qualities from others too. Get ready because it is almost time...to get married!?

Pay attention to the photographer's instructions on posing. There are two ways to do this. Take what they are giving you and make it your own or do exactly what they are asking you. That’s going to depend entirely on how your photographer works. I personally love to have added flair from the couple to make it their own. But a big tip for both of these is to not be too tense. Relax and have fun. Tension can easily be caught on camera. So, try to relax and enjoy the shoot. Not too often do you get to have a professional take your pictures. And if you ever feel like you are not relaxing. Try something silly and laugh about it. If it turns out to be something you don't like. Files can easily be deleted, but that laughter can easily help everyone relax a bit more.

It's easy to have fun with photography! One way of capturing the perfect shot is by being creative and trying new things. From silly faces, odd poses, or anything else you can think up just don't forget that there are some traditional photos too. Don't be afraid to get dirty or go out on a limb for an interesting photo op. You should never feel restrained when taking pictures because creativity is key here for them to turn out great.

If you're not comfortable kissing in public or any type of public display of affection, let your photographer know. We are more than happy to adjust accordingly to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. And yes, this does happen. Yes, some couples don't want very affectionate photos. That is perfectly fine with me and should be with many other photographers as well. It's all about the couples and getting them to express themselves as naturally as possible.

Remember that this is supposed to be about what YOU want. So, if there are any poses you've always wanted to try together but haven't gotten around to yet, now is your chance! But also communicate with your photographer how you feel about certain poses. That could be something that you feel uncomfortable with or something that you just don't like. Sometimes, especially during nature shoots when you are by things like waterfalls, cliffs, etc, if you feel unsafe at all. Let your photographer know. They should be more than happy to accommodate whatever your needs are. A shot is not worth a life.


So, remember for your engagement photos. Have fun! Engagement photos are meant to show off two people in love, so enjoy it! Show off your rings and smile, laugh, and have fun! And if there is anything that you aren't liking or don't feel comfortable with. Let the photographer know. That way they can make adjustments not only during your engagement shoot but on your wedding day as well. this feedback helps us ensure we are delivering exactly what the couple wants. 

If you are looking for more engagement photo tips or want to book an appt with a photographer, Dettman Photography! And remember that the most important thing is that you enjoy your time together. The photos should show off two people in love who are having fun and enjoying themselves; don't be afraid to laugh (and if there's anything during the shoot you're not happy with- let them know!) What could make it better? We can help by giving some easy dos and don'ts of how to act during your session as well as what will make these memories last forever! Contact Will today at william.dettman@gmail.com for all of your wedding needs!

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