Casual headshots are perfect for social media profiles.

Headshots can be an important part of any influencer or professional branding. It's really important to dress appropriately for your headshots based on your audience. Your clothes should be clean and pressed, as well as appropriate for the industry you're in. I'm going to give you a few general pointers for what to wear and how to style your hair and makeup when it comes time for doing casual headshots.  

Avoid colors that make you blend into your background. For example: if you're wearing an outfit that is too dark or light for your background. Then it'll be difficult to stand out against the other players on stage - so stick with neutral tones like blacks, whites, and greys! When picking out clothes before heading into a photoshoot location think about how different hues will look when matched up against each other (e.g., blue shirt + green grass = very diverting). You don't want anything too bright because this makes light reflect more, and make your clothes appear more bright than you or the background. Instead, I recommend opting for simpler separates in darker shades such as denim jeans paired nicely. The perfect outfit for your photoshoot will depend on where you are going to be shooting. Try not to wear anything too bold or dark, but also make sure that it complements what color background is in front of the camera lens. If there's an accent wall with dark blue paint on it, don't go strapping yourself into all-black clothes. Rather, opt for something light like whites or greys which would show up nicely against these surfaces! You want to wear a color that complements your personality and the background. However, avoid wearing anything too bold - stick with neutral tones, like black, white, or grey. If you are doing a night shoot or will be in very dark areas. Then avoid anything too bright because it'll reflect camera lighting (medium to darker shades are perfect in situations such as these), and try not to go overboard in dark clothes either! A good middle ground would be grey at night time; they can provide depth without being overwhelming which helps create interesting pictures.

Confidence is everything, so make sure you are confident in your outfit. Feeling good about yourself can really boost self-esteem and help inspire others around you! You know that outfit you wear because it makes your feel confident? Wearing clothes to enhance the way people see us is so important! If we put our best foot forward, then all other aspects will take care of themselves. It's time for some self-love--so go ahead and show off those curves in an item or two; remember: confidence shines through photos. So does self-doubt. So make sure to wear something you feel confident in. Wear clothes that look good on you and make feel confident. You should wear something comfortable, flattering, but also professional! 

Wear makeup that is natural but still highlights your best features. If you're going for a natural look, it's important to do your make-up in a way that still makes the best of what nature gave us. It's vital to wear makeup that is natural but still highlights your best features. It will make you feel more confident in any situation, and people with good skin may never know the difference! This works great for a lot of people seeking headshots. However, if your branding is a bit wilder. Then go for more of those crazy colors that match your branding and outfit. Just remember that confidence is key.

Your hair should be styled in a way that is natural to you. Don't overthink your style. Be natural and have fun with it! It's okay to not think straight away if you are styling yourself naturally. Just take a guess at what would work best for the way that feels most natural and go from there. Just don't do anything drastic like shaving all off. However these rules, just like makeup, are meant to be bent or broken depending on your branding and style.

For the guys, it's important to wear something without too many wrinkles so they don't show up in photos. No, throwing it in the dryer to release the wrinkles will not always work. No matter how much you try and get rid of wrinkles. Throwing your clothes into the dryer for 10, 20, 30 minutes. Occasionally you will have to dust off the old iron and ironing board to get those tough wrinkles out. Sometimes there will still be some stubborn creases that just won’t go away on their own! But never fear because if this sounds like something worth getting professional help with. Give it to a professional cleaner to get them pressed. 

So, what should you wear for a casual headshot? A good rule of thumb is to keep the colors in your outfit natural and avoid any crazy distracting patterns or too dark or bright shades. You want people’s eyes drawn to you - not your clothes! Keep it simple with something like jeans and a button-up shirt, but be sure that they are clean and wrinkle free. If possible, make sure there's nothing behind you that will distract from the shot. And lastly - don't forget some great makeup and hair! Make yourself look as beautiful as can be while still being true to who you are. Confidence is most important for these shoots. So, have fun, be you, and strut your stuff during your next headshot session

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